Friday, December 5, 2014

Exist to Generate a Positive Experience through Creative Design - Allegiance Media Web Design

Our allegiance is to our customers and community. We believe in providing excellent service that is affordable for all size business.
Responsive websites work by using media queries to detect the device or the resolution of the device being used to access them. Once this determination has been made, a combination of flexible images, type, and grids adjust to fit the screen on which the site is being viewed. If you want to see responsive design in action, adjust the size of your browser while viewing a site that has implemented responsive design. Mashable is a great example. The adjustments will enable you to see just what the designers had in mind when creating it and how different each stop can be.
Responsive design is popular now because of the number of tablets and smartphones in the market. The number of users accessing the Internet via a device other than a desktop computer is rapidly increasing, making it necessary for developers to think about all the different ways their information is being viewed. Allegiance Media will create any type of dynamic website to suit our clients needs.